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Annual and Perennial Planting

Garden beds or planters are composed of different landscape elements, but mostly of Annuals or Perennials. Annual planting needs to be added to a garden bed or container on a annual basis. Perennial planting is done with plants that will live longer then two years. Our knowledgeable team will help guide you in making the correct plant choices for your garden bed and containers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA flowers3 perrenial annuals

What makes our garden beds thrive?

We strive to make our annual and perennial planting unique, elegant and manageable. Our annual and perennial planting typically starts with a conversation and then a design. Every plant species have different requirements to be successful in the landscape. We use the essential starter fertilizers to ensure that your plants have the proper nutrients to a successful life in your garden. Our team uses the proper horticultural techniques involved to ensure that plants are properly spaced out to prevent over crowding and to let the plant grow to its natural maximum potential. Let us take the stress out of your annual and perennial planting this season, you’ll notice the difference.

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