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Armour Stone

Our Armour stone comes directly from the stone quarries across Ontario. All stones hand selected to make it work for any project. We use Armour stones in many different artistic styles and techniques to help achieve a touch of nature. Armour stones can be used to build retaining walls, steps, planters and can also be added to your garden as accent stones.

Armour Stone Accent IMG_20140605_164853

What Makes Our Armour Stone Retaining Walls Great?

Our Armour stone walls are built with passion and precision. All the stones are hand selected to fit as perfect as they naturally can. In most cases our walls start with an artist rendition and then the process of selecting the stones to achieve our vision.  Armour stones can have many different unique characteristics from one stone to the next and we like to ensure that we can capture as many of these  characteristics to make your wall stand out from the rest. armour stone wall IMG_20140707_095021 armour Stone Retaining Wall

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