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Garden Bed Edging & Cultivating

Garden bed edging and cultivating are two well-known techniques to keep a garden bed healthy and ascetically pleasing. Garden bed edging is a process of creating a defined edge between the garden bed soil and the lawn. The tool known as an Edger is used to cut the earth with a slight bevel around the perimeter of the garden bed leaving a clean and elegant look. This procedure is done for more than just aesthetics, it also prohibits the future growth of grass from entering the garden bed. Cultivating is the process of breaking apart the soil to allow for better air movement and water penetration. The tool known as a Cultivator is used in a back and forth motion to brake the soil apart in and around plant materiel. These procedures will promote healthy living conditions for all your garden bed plant material. These services can be added to your lawn maintenance package and performed on a weekly basis. We will make your garden bed look elegant and always leave an outstanding impression every time we visit.

Garden bed Edging  Garden bed edging and cultivating

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