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Lawn Care

Lawn care is the mowing and trimming portion of your lawn. Tropical Touch Landscaping provides lawn care to residential and commercial properties on a weekly basis. Maintaining a healthy lawn is completed with our lawn care service and our knowledgeable staff have the skills and techniques to ensure that this task is done properly. Our residential lawn care services are provided from May 1st through October 31st and our commercial services are provided from April 15th through to November 15th. Every property is different therefore all our packages are customized to suit your needs and wants.

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Why choose us to be your lawn care specialist?

Lawn care is where we started at Tropical Touch Landscaping, but not where we stopped. We have proven to go above and beyond with our services. We have set schedules for our weekly visits and understand how to work with the weather accordingly. The professional equipment we use is catered to handle certain characteristics that your property may bring. Our equipment is maintained and updated as needed to allow us to provide outstanding services day in and day out. Our staff is trained to be professional and understand that each property has its unique characteristics. Our clients appreciate knowing that their property is in the hands of professionals and they can spend time enjoying their oasis, instead of maintaining it.

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