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Mulch & Garden Soil Installation

We offer mulch and garden soil installation services. Mulch is simply a layer of organic material used to cover the soil around plants, shrubs and trees. Mulching and adding Garden soil is one of the trade secrets to creating a successful garden.  Mulch and Garden soils have the essential natural nutrients that your plant species crave to succeed. Our Mulch comes in different types and colours. Our Garden soil is composed of the fine elements that will help your garden grow successfully.

cedarmulch mulchinstall black cedar mulch

What are the benefits of mulching ?

Mulching provides more benefits then just aesthetics and nutrients. Mulch helps with water and moisture conservation which promotes healthy plant growth and makes for less watering. Thick layers can help prevent potential germination of weeds and make weeding easier. It can also act like insulation which will help stabilize the temperature of the garden soil either in the summers or winter months.

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