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Natural Stone

We provide natural stone in many different forms including natural stone steps, natural flagstone and natural armour stone. It can add the element of nature to any landscape and can be incorporated with man made construction elements. Our product comes from the various stone quarries throughout the province and even throughout the world. We ensure that only the finest and correct elements of stone are selected for your landscape project.

Why choose natural stone steps?

Natural steps add a beautiful element of art while providing stability to any landscaping project. Our steps come in a variety of colours and sizes and are all hand selected.

Natual Stone Step Stone Steps 3ft Natural Stone steps


How can natural flagstone be used?

Natural flagstone comes in various colours, sizes and styles. Flagstone can be installed in different formats and techniques to add a touch of beauty to your landscaping project. It can be laid in a “Dry” or a “Wet” lay format and both methods have their place in the landscape. The term “Dry” lay is used when the flagstone product is installed on a granular base and either pea gravel or polymeric sand is used to fill in the joints.  When the product is installed on a concrete surface with mortar between the joints it is referred to as “Wet” lay.

flagstone peagravel flagstone porch sqcutflagdrylay

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