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Wooden Fences

A fence is an independent structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary. Fences are designed with many different building materials. We design and construct wooden fences for your new landscaping project or an existing construction that requires an fresh start. Our wooden fences are built using lumber in cedar, pressure treated and other exotic wood options. We also provide staining services to protect and ensure that your fence will last many centuries to come. We will help guide you with the design of your wooden fences to meet your needs and budget. 

privacy fence privacy fence2 wooden fence

How our Wooden fences stand strong?

Our wooden fences have passed the test to withstand Canadian winters. We use all the proper building materials to construct long lasting wooden fences. All structural components are assembled using screws and not nails.  All lateral rails and frame work are secured to the posts using hot dip galvanized fence brackets. We ensure that all of the fence posts are set past the frost line which varies depending on climate, but is typically 122 cm in southern Ontario. The holes that we auger are tapered at the bottom, which help with frost heaving in the winter months. As with any of our other services, having the knowledge and skills is what makes our final product successful.

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