3 Big Benefits of Maintaining Your Lawn

Posted:September 24 2015

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A walk through any Toronto neighbourhood will show a wide range of lawns and different levels of upkeep. While there’s someone in almost every neighbourhood who seems to refuse to practice any lawn care, most homeowners know the advantages of keeping their lawn well maintained.

More Curb Appeal

Take a look at your home. While most of us look straight at the house, your front lawn is a large part of what people see from the outside. If it’s green and vibrant, it makes your home look vibrant too. If it’s brown and drab, it makes your home look drab too. 

While some people will not care about the looks of their home, if you’re selling your home, you better care a lot. The initial look of your home, or its “curb appeal”, is one of the biggest factors in whether a purchaser buys or not. 

The problem when it comes to your lawn and the resale value of your home is that the lawn is not a quick fix. If you haven’t cared for your lawn all summer and then you want to sell it in the fall, there’s little or nothing you can do to put some life into it. So it’s best to always keep your lawn well maintained.

A Cleaner Property

Dry lawns full of dead grass tend to make the area around them messy with dirt and straw that has blown off the lawn. That means you might actually end up needing more maintenance to keep your property and house clean. Or you can just keep your lawn healthy.

More Enjoyment of Your Home

Whether you have children, like to garden, want to have a nice yard for pets or all of the above, a lush green lawn makes a difference. A green lawn helps reduce the cuts and scrapes that kids get from playing on a bare lawn. All the flowers you plant and care for look better on a deep green canvas. And pets benefit from running and exercising on the softer surface that a green lawn offers.

Toronto’s seasons put your lawn through many challenges. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits offered by a healthy lawn, it’s best to maintain it year-round.