It’s Autumn – Time to Keep Gardening

Posted:September 24 2015

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Another summer comes to an end in Toronto. While there are always jokes about how short is our warmest season, this year’s summer seems to have been a little longer and warmer than most.

But regardless of how nice a summer we have, when September comes and the days grow shorter, many homeowners tend to completely neglect their garden.

It happens for a couple reasons. First, knowing that winter will be here soon, we think it futile to tend a garden and lawn that will be covered in snow in a few months. Second, after a long gardening season, many of us have had our fill of sore backs, weeding and watering.

In autumn, after being a main focus since early spring, our lawns and gardens become woefully neglected.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And, the more care and attention you give your landscape in the fall, the better it will look in the spring. Below are some tips for gardening in the fall:

Plant Hardy Flowers

Among other varieties of late-blooming plants, chrysanthemums and marigolds will add colour to your garden well into the fall. You can plant them in pots and display them around your yard.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Just because the summer’s over doesn’t mean your lawn no longer needs proper nutrition to stay healthy. Keeping it fertilized throughout the autumn will not only help it to stay green longer this year, it will help it to get green sooner next year.

Keep it Trim

One of the first activities we stop when fall arrives is mowing the lawn. But moisture conditions throughout the winter can foster damaging mold growth, which likes the cover that longer grass provides. Keep your lawn short to avoid the mold.

When you’re doing your autumn garden and lawn care remember: spring is only 6 months away.